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Our hallmarks

Cohen and Cohen is a boutique law firm specialising in Company and Commercial Law, Immigration Law and Property and Registry Law.

We stay away from the protocols and conventional approach of large firms, choosing instead to work more closely with our clients, learn more about the cases entrusted to us, and work alongside our clients throughout the process.

At our firm you will find the personal touch you are looking for when you need solutions for important problems. We are a small group of solicitors you can always rely on, working to give you peace of mind.

Approachability and Warmth

We will keep you constantly informed on the progress of your case and answer any questions you might have.

Professionalism and Ethics

We maintain high levels of professionalism, excellence, and ethical behaviour.

100% Personalised Approach

We will personally oversee all the processes you ask us to be involved in and follow them up specifically.

Utmost Empathy

Your problems are our problems, and we will seek to understand and manage them as such.

Our areas of specialisation

These are the areas of Law that we work in

Company and Commercial Law

Incorporating and managing a company is a hard task. However, it becomes easier if you are advised by experts.

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Immigration and Foreigner Law

If you are a foreigner and you want to move to Spain, we can help you. Thanks to our legal services and our continuous support, you will feel at home.

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Property and Registry Law

We offer you our experts’ advice on every area related to the award, purchase and leasing of real estate.

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Changes in the Portuguese Nationality Law for Sephardim

Important changes in the Portuguese nationality law for Sephardim. On March 18, was published the Decreto-Lei no. 26/2022, which modifies, among other issues, the articles regarding the procedure for acquiring Portuguese nationality for Sephardim. Here we explain the...
Portuguese Citizenship

Frequently Asked Questions About Portuguese Citizenship for Sepharadim

Everything you need to know about Portuguese Citizenship for Sepharadim. Portuguese nationality for Sephardic Jews? Is this true? As true as it can be. By virtue of Decree Law no. 30-A/2015, of 27 February 2015, the Portuguese government approved the process for...