Property and Registry Law

Property and Registry Law

When we talk of Property Law, we refer to the set of rules directly related to real estate. These rules can affect ownership, leasing, purchase and sale, rights in rem, legal business and registry situation.

In all these areas, we provide a comprehensive and expert service. We have first-hand knowledge of the most common practices and transactions in this sector. We can help you with any related matter and provide personalised advice.

Similarly, when selling or acquiring real estate, there are many legal and tax considerations to remember. Every type of ownership and operation has specific regulations. It is important to know them perfectly and review them in detail before carrying out any transactions.

If you are thinking of selling or acquiring a property, or if you need advice on operations, regularisation of property portfolios, we can help you.

We optimise the safety and profitability of any property operation you might want or need to carry out. And we guarantee the utmost discretion and transparency throughout the process.